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Sniffy's Flip Trip


#tigirc user paste has just turned the keen journalistic talent of TIW towards the new game (which he did the art and music for) Sniffy's Flip Trip. A simple puzzle game at its core, Flip Trip tasks the player with turning every panel in a room a certain colour. Panels change colour when the user walks over them and you must turn them all yellow to finish a level

The game quickly ramps up in complexity, introducing crumbling panels, coloured keys and doors and many other mechanics that keep it feeling fresh and exciting. The art and music in this game is pretty great with some nice animation work when you change levels. The soundtrack is catchy and upbeat, but not so obnoxious that it distracts you from thinking through the, admittedly quite tough puzzles the game throws at you.

Sniffy's Flip Trip can be downloaded for Windows, OS X and Linux on its official site. Keep in mind for the latter platforms you'll need a recent version of Java installed.

Hot indie game of the week: Noctis IV


Noctis is a p cool game where you explore space and it's like all polygonal and shit. You have this ballin' ship called the drifter or something (I don't remember) and you drift through space and visit procedurally generated planets. You can DOWNLOAD it for free on Windows (the best OS) or sulk in a corner like a little crybaby because you use Linux. You fuckin' open source hippies sicken me. Or maybe you're drinking a pumpkin spice latte and reading this on OS X like some god damned hipster piece of shit that is literally ruining the economy in which case, turn off your computer and look at what your life has become.